“Interfool’s Story started when three international friends”

Came together in 2004 to play the fool:

Starting a company that merged their unique strengths into a brand that valued legacy over hype. The aim was to make luxury

travel gear and light decor that were not just high-quality, functional, and timeless but accessible to more people. From taking

a leap from a small team, to expanding to 18 stores in 6 countries, with a flagship store in Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg,


Interfool’s journey has been about taking bold risks in pursuit of an unwavering vision.


Interfool’s brand is about “playing the fool”

Taking risks and making leaps to pursue what one truly cares about and valuing every risk-taken, pursuit of purpose and working

with dope people. Despite being a small boutique production house of only 10 people, Interfool is able to deliver a large variety

of designs 20+ per season with each product maxing out in its vertical for quality material & construction given a specific price point.

The purpose-driven design of every product gives them their universal appeal with the focus of doing things today for tomorrow...